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Video #1: How is your Health Insurance different than long-term care?

Video #2: Medicare doesn’t pay for LTC. Who does?

Video #3: Why are we more concerned in 2018 & beyond about LTC planning than 20 years ago?

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Cost of long-term care in the Tri-Cities, WA

Are you aware- like the GOVERNMENT is- of the coming health-care crisis for Baby Boomers in 10 year? Many 60-year-olds are not preparing for the coming health-care crisis in 10 years and longer. The Baby Boomers will be demanding long-term care from their homes and in...

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Long-Term Care

Retirement Decision #2 of 5: Why Long-Term Care

Quality health-care is at the top of most peoples’ minds. The thought lingers there- “What if expenses aren’t covered, and I pay for these expenses from my retirement income?”

Washington State has acknowledged the coming long-term care crisis we face in the 2014 LTC Partnership Act. The US Department of Human and Health Services promotes the fact that for folks over age 65, 70% will need some kind of long-term care service (weblink:

How can this information be made simple so that you can quickly determine how you should plan? That is what we specialize in! Simple, conversation around what you face- not the averages. And then affordable, customized choices to see if that may fit into your entire retirement strategy.

Our client cases come in 3 categories:

  1. Hanford retirees seeking to protect their 401ks/IRAs from the costly expenses of extended care. We review how to pay for LTC expenses from their 401k, and then compare to an alternative solution that is more efficient and leaves more money for the family. We are starting to see too many cases of late 60’s or early 70’s health-care expenses draining the RETIREMENT wallets, leaving the surviving spouse with little to live on in her 80’s and 90’s.
  2. Farming families who are set with land-assets, but have very little liquidity. They understand how easy extended-care expenses can take a toll on their family farm, and wish to mitigate those expenses and have a plan for care, allowing them to pass their farm onto the next generation with very little financial burden of a long-term care event.
  3. Small Employers seeking to take advantage of IRS- qualified benefits of providing LTC plans for the executive group, and offering voluntary for the employees (as desired). If you are a business owner, you must see how that as you work IN your business now, your business can take care OF YOU with a tax-qualified LTC plan.

The LTC solutions available to today are far more diverse than 5 years ago. So I make the LTC discussion simple and easy-to-understand. Shall we briefly talk today?

Mark’s 5 minute LTC Digest for the Tri-Cities

Most people looking at retirement have lots of questions on many topics.

Mark Rogers, CLTC has put together a 1 page-5 minute- “LTC Digest for the Tri-Cities” that highlights many of these areas. There are efficient and planned strategies in our healthcare— and there is ‘just in time scramble-mode’ for healthcare.

Ask for your FREE “LTC Digest for the Tri-Cities” today!

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Since 2008, Mark has been certified as a Long-Term Care specialist, which as a discipline, focuses on extended care planning within the realm of either a family’s plan or an Employer’s benefits program.  

In addition, Mark is a member of the American Association for Long-term insurances. ( In the pursuit of excellence in his LTC practice, Mark has traveled to the annual conferences to obtain the latest trends and solutions to help his clients solve this risk of extended care expenses that each family faces. 

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