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15 Years of Designing LTC Plans

Mark’s Personal Mission
I ask the question every day to myself- “Who can I help put in a better position today?”

  • Most are not aware of the healthcare events looming down the road, where health insurance (or Medicare) WILL NOT pay for the expenses, and thus the burden falls on the Family and the Retirement Savings.
  • With a little review of the options, a Business Owner or Executive or early Retiree can see how they can protect their hard-earned Savings against draining, so they and their family can enjoy continued income from those savings.
  • Simple conversation. Easily customized for each Client. And made affordable!

Who do I serve?

Over the 13 years of helping people for their futures, I have helped many different cases.

  • Single women who know they will not have a spouse or loved one to care for them, so they must plan ahead for themselves.
  • Retiring Couple who knows that should one of them have Custodial Care at home or facility, that that can easily drain the Retirement Savings for the other Spouse!
    Business Executives in a Corporation that agree that their corporation is going to pay for their LTC premiums, and they write the premium costs off 100% as a C-Corp!
  • Wealthy Farmer Dad who knows that a care situation can DEMAND liquid cash to pay for care, and his cash is bound up in land/equipment. He also knows that the State can put liens on the property should he fall onto the State’s Medicaid program from lack of liquidity.
  • Grandparents who are wealthy but found a unique strategy to pay for care for their adult children, so they will not worry about this expense in the future.
  • 50- and 60-year-olds who are working and have some health issues that they think that they cannot get an LTC policy, but see a way to get an LTC plan to EXEMPT themselves from the WA State LTC Tax.

Mark’s Key Tips:

  • Are you working hard putting away Savings for retirement? Take 30 minutes on the Calendar to learn how to protect those Savings.
  • Work with a Certified LTC Specialist with experience. Many who are ‘selling LTC” in 2021 may not be getting the best value for those they help!
  • Avoid a DECLINE in the application process. As an experienced CLTC advisor, Mark reviews carefully to see what options might fit best based on each HEALTH situation.
  • The Insurance Company may take 4-8 weeks to get back a result to you! So understand your timeline this Summer 2021!

We can start here with this Health Questionaire Form. This will go directly to Mark Rogers who can review and be prepared to have a 30 minute phone conversation about your options.

Health Questions Intake Form