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Are you a business owner of a company making over $100,000 per year in Salary?

Do you serve as a CEO, CFO, CMO or another executive that serves in a local corporation?

Are you interested in seeing how you can EXEMPT on WA State Income tax and partially exempt on Federal Income taxes for long-term care planning?

There are special IRS-approved tax measures that you can take advantage of for your long-term care planning strategies that are built into select LTC insurance policies.

Basic LTC Planning: “Exempt yourself from the Income Tax”
Since you might be making more than $100,000 in Salary and Compensation each year, your new LTC Tax from Washington State will be taxed on you for years to come. Currently, there is no limit to the taxation on your income.


W- 2 Employee Sample

(no income increases factored)

Expect to pay this annual tax (est.)

Expect to pay this cumulative tax 

until retirement 

(Until age 65, estimated total)

Age 40- $100,000 income

$580 per year

$14,500 income tax

Age 50- $200,000 income

$1,160 per year

$17,400 income tax

Age 60- $300,000 income

$1,740 per year

$8,700 income tax*

When you look at the rest of your working years, it pays to spend a few minutes understanding this tax AWAY from your income and consider alternatives.

Easy, advanced LTC Planning Option #2 (with more BENEFITS):

Now that you have decided to EXEMPT yourself from the NEW WA State income tax for LTC, would you also like to educate and learn how to:

  • Have your LTC insurance premium partial or fully deductible to your Corporation?
  • Be able to discriminate which employee receives LTC company-paid benefits? (Based on title, tenure, or income.)
  • Review how your LTC insurance contract can be fully completed in 1, 5, 10 or 15 years, and continues to grow in value for years to come into retirement?
  • After having the premiums deducted for several years, have the LTC insurance benefit paid out TAX-FREE so to protect your 401k/IRA from being drained?

Since 2009, Mark Rogers, CLTC has helped companies in the Tri-Cities put together unique and customized Long-Term Care strategy plans for the executives which involves matching the IRS tax benefits to specialized LTC insurance contracts.

Is it time from now until September 1st to see how you or your executive team can customize LTC plans to:

  • Exempt from the LTC Trust Fund Income Tax, plus
  • Review use alternative funding methods for cost-effectiveness, and;
  • Protect each 401k from healthcare expenses?

We start with your HEALTH. And have a 30-minute conversation from that.
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