Hi, I’m Mark Rogers.

I’ve been working for myself as an independent insurance agent for over 17 years now.  I have found fulfillment in helping folks all these years solving problems—some problems they know they have—and some problems they find out before they happen!

I’ve owned Simply Benefits since 2008. I founded Simply Benefits as a boutique, INDEPENDANT life insurance agency based in eastern Washington offering solutions to the New Retirees and Business Owners to prevent against financial losses.  These solutions come in the form of life insurance contracts, long-term care contracts, Medicare Supplement contracts and annuity contracts.

I am looking for a part-time assistant to help in various tasks in the background of the day-to-day operations.

Administrative Assistance comes in a couple areas:


1. Underwriting phase:

Mark has worked directly with the Client and the Client has signed an application to be considered by the Insurance Company.  There may be 2 weeks or 8 weeks before the Policy can be delivered.

During this time of “waiting”, there might be additional forms the Client needs to sign, or additional information that needs to be sent to the Insurance Company.

Assistant interaction will be mainly to the Insurance Company or Insurance Broker. Either of these parties are more than willing to help and answer questions.

Each Client Case is being managed with a CRM system called ZOHO. This monitoring will have tasks to be completed throughout the phase.

Time per week: 4-9 hours per week


2. Case Development phase:

This phase is EARLIER than the Underwriting phase.  At this stage, Mark has engaged the Prospect in conversation and is now looking to find solutions to help the Client/Prospect.

Mark will give simple instructions on what to go look for, and then these illustrations are given by the insurance company or insurance broker. In addition, all needed forms are packaged up and saved for Mark to proceed to the Presentation Phase.

Time per week: 1-2 hours


3. Client Service phase:

Mark’s desire for 2022 and beyond is EXTRADORDINARY Client Service!  Clients have trusted Mark & the team with providing solutions, and in turn, Mark desires to review those solutions each year with each Client. 

In January-March 2022, Mark has spent time and resources to build a system that will give ongoing ability to keep abreast of changes that need to be discussed.

ZOHO CRM will be built to provide alerts on each Client so that we- as a team—can reach out and provide the communication and support they have come to expect.

Time per month: 2-4 hours

Skill set will include:

  • Understanding of the MS Office system
  • Get-up-and-go on ZOHO CRM
  • Ability to INQUIRE with Key Partners (insurance companies/brokers) on how to get the problem or task completed.
  • Attention to details—we don’t like surprises that can be avoided!

Personal functions:

  • Enjoy working from home in the mornings
  • Able to keep tasks going- self-driven
  • Able to communicate effectively and timely with small team
  • Looking for purpose with helping people while working from home

Compensation will be based on a rising hourly wage based on efficiencies demonstrated. Professional and technical experience will dictate compensation.