Have you been saving for your Retirement  into your 401k or 403b for the past 20-30 years?

Now in your 60’s- what NEW DECISIONS do you have to make for your next 35 years?

Or how much of your Retirement Savings will go to Institutional Corporations or to the Internal Revenue Service?

Is there a way to REGAIN those lost Savings and bring them back to yourself and your family to enjoy?


These and many other questions are on the table that impact your Retirement.

Your Retirement Savings in your 401k, 403b, IRA or other Tax-Qualified Account maybe changed by Congress and the IRS. Is it time to take some time to understand how that impacts your Retirement phase?

Giving these changes, Mark Rogers has found that maybe our common philosophy of ‘making return on our money’ might be mis-guided?

If changes happen by the IRS to your IRA/401k/403b, maybe we should ask-

“It’s not what you “make” on your money, but how much you get to “take”.”

Now is the time to learn about what changes have been made by Congress in the past couple years. Now is the time to look to future changes that may impact your Retirement Income for years to come.

For those New Retirees in their 60’s that seek to learn about unknown and common pitfalls that are surprising later to many Retirees in their 70’s, a short phone conversation with Mark Rogers may unveil interesting ideas to consider for your retirement future.

Schedule your call today with Mark to learn how to build more Security and Control into your Retirement by finding ways to lessen the impact from the IRS on your Retirement Savings.