Are you aware- like the GOVERNMENT is- of the coming health-care crisis for Baby Boomers in 10 year?

Many 60-year-olds are not preparing for the coming health-care crisis in 10 years and longer. The Baby Boomers will be demanding long-term care from their homes and in facilities that aren’t built! Washington State has proclaimed that we have a coming crisis (see LTC Partnership law, 2014). 

You MUST have an understanding of how the WA LTC Partnership law can benefit you.  And it is critical you put some kind of plan in place so you won’t be surprised.

Would you like to know where long-term care expenses are going in the Tri-Cities?  You can run your own report here. 

Why not review with me on the phone some options- including your current plan- to see how you can have a health-care plan to build upon your Medicare plan.  And with the new Asset-based plans out- there isn’t any kind of risk- your spouse or kids get the money you don’t use!

I’m here to help provide some information for your secure healthcare in retirement. Every person that inquires gets from me my 1 page, 5 minute “LTC Digest” for your reviewing.  Email, text or call me for it. Mark Rogers, CLTC