Income-Care Planning for IRS Taxes

Have you saved more than $500,000 in your 401k/403b/457 or IRA over the years?

Do you realize that the IRS wants to have some of that money back, as you haven’t paid Income Taxes on it since you opened it?


With the INCREASING National Debt going up,

How much may the IRS take from you and your Spouse

For the rest of your Retirement Years?


Have you seen how hungry the Federal Government is for Income Taxes? See this DEBT CLOCK link to see we are now past $30 Trillion dollars in debt!


The decision you are faced with before January 2026 is:

How much of these 401k/403b/IRA Savings will you allow to drain away to future, increasing IRS taxes?


Your next question should be:

Is there a way to LIMIT the amount of Income Taxes you will pay, your Spouse pays and your Children who may be the beneficiaries on your Accounts?   How can you limit this pending taxation that you didn’t expect?


Take the time today to request from Mark his simple 30-minute informal conversation on Zoom or phone to find out (1) Should you be concerned about increasing income taxes on your Tax-Qualified Accounts, (2) Why the window to change is closing by December 2025, (3) What options you might have to make impact

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Income-Care Planning for your Social Security Stream

What different strategies can you use

To INCREASE your Social Security Income?


You’ve heard a lot about Social Security income.

This source of monthly income is tremendous! You have earned it when working all these past 35 years or more!

You know that there are different times to start this important stream of monthly income?

This income is very efficient from a tax perspective.  If planned correctly, you can have most—if not all—of your Social Security income to be tax-free in retirement!  (How nice to have this monthly & annual income to be free of IRS Income Taxes!)

But many don’t plan effectively with this Government Income (SS) and then have the IRS tax back what they are earning!   Do you really want to send your Social Security back to the IRS in the form of income taxes on that income?


Your Social Security Income may be your biggest asset in Retirement! (Many are surprised!)

Request your FREE “Social Security Strategy” Report! Review your Good, Better, Best options on maximizing your income

As a bonus, you can also review how to REDUCE your Social Security IRS Income Taxes in the future.

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Health-Care Planning with Medicare Expenses

Why do Retirees 10-20 Years Older than you

Struggle with Medicare Premiums?


Medicare is a MILESTONE!


When you turn 65, you have the option to take advantage of the Medicare health-care system.   After all, your health-care usage may go up as you get older!

But your health-care options are being pushed to be ‘cost-effective’.

Your health-care network and out-of-pocket expenses can jump up when you have different expectations of what you think you have!

Alphabet Soup of Medicare: Part A, Part B, Part C, Pard D, MAPD, …and the list can go on and on!

What should you do as a NEW RETIREE?  In 15 minutes, learn about Medicare in the unique “Medicare 101”—you should know the basics!

After you know the FOUNDATION of Medicare, you can then see how to best manage premiums—keeping them affordable and stable—while giving yourself the freedom of a “no-network”—anywhere in the U.S. where Medicare is received.

But many don’t see the “small print” options that may give them MORE health-care options and MORE savings for years to come.


Find how healthy, wealthy and wife New Retirees rely upon key Medicare options that allow for full Medicare health-care options while controlling their Medicare premium spending for years.

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Health-Care Planning with Long-Term Care Expenses 

Why are Retirees


To Pay for Long-Term Care Expenses

From their Retirement Savings (IRA/401k)


Today’s NEW Retiree understands the costs of long-term care.  Might you have seen your Parent’s drain their Savings due to these long-term care Expenses?

When the U.S. Department of Human & Health Services predicts “70% of Retirees over the age of 65 will face LTC expenses”—could they be wrong?

But you have saved so long into your 401k/IRA for the purpose of using those Savings for Income? 

Why would you drain those Retirement Accounts so fast when they would be taxed so much with the potential of rising income taxes? 

Many Retirees think that if the Long-Term Care expense is $1, then you can go and get $1 from your 401k/IRA to pay for that expense tab!


Not so!


Remember the IRS may get the “first grab” on your 401k/IRA money as your bring it out—even before you can even pay the Health-Care Service  or Long-Term Care facility!   What a shame in losing money so quickly with those Savings being taxed BEFORE the Health-Care bill is paid!

So to pay that $1 for the LTC expense, what if you may only have $.70 after the IRS takes their 30 cents from your $1?  

Does paying 70 Cents for a One Dollar Health-Care Invoice make sense?

Furthermore--  what impact do drained IRA Accounts have on the Surviving Spouse after a health-care crisis for long-term care?

Is there a smarter and more efficient way to KEEP your Retirement Savings INTACT and SAFER from Long-Term Care expenses draining?

Yes, there may be a better way!


Some retirees are taking action to learn about how to PROTECT their 401k/IRA accounts from liquidation in a Long-Term Care crisis.

Learning from a certified LTC Specialist for 30-45 minutes may give insight that is valuable for future years.

For over 15 years, Mark Rogers has offered New Retirees a special “LTC 101” discussion where you take notes and learn on a personal level.  He does this on a Zoom call where you see his screen during your conversation.

You can schedule your LTC 101 chat here by clicking his calendar: 

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Guaranteed, Monthly Income FOR LIFE

How much of your Retirement Income do you DESIRE to be Guaranteed for the REST of both of your LIVES?


Our Social Security income is wonderful!

Did you miss a Employer-based Pension as you launch into Retirement?  Are you going to wish you had that guaranteed monthly income you and your Spouse can depend upon – no matter what the financial markets do?

Do you want 40% of your monthly income guaranteed?

Or would you rather have 75% of your monthly income guaranteed?

To have your household expenses covered each month and yearly---by guaranteed income.


There is a way to GUARANTEE your monthly income.  Many 100 year-old Insurance Companies have experienced the wars, inflation, stock market drops, and continue to guarantee income to New Retirees through insurance contracts.


Is it time to see how you can have peace-of-mind on monthly income for 10 years out?  For 25 years out?  For 35 years out?

Take ahold of your Free INCOME PLAN Report where you can see how to cover your monthly expenses!

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The Penalty a Widow may drops into

As a couple, you have saved very well into your 401k/403b/IRA for many years.

And then some years into Retirement, ONE SPOUSE passes away….

The grief of losing a Spouse.

But what FINANCIAL BURDEN happens to the Surviving Spouse?

There is a cascading events that occur:

  1. One IRS deduction is lost the next year
  2. One Social Security Income stream is lost
  3. House-hold expenses continue as they were
  4. Required Minimum Distributions continue for the deceased Spouse….

This often-times brings INCREASED INCOME TAXES that the Widow/Widower has to hand over to the IRS for years to follow.


One Spouse PASSING gives Surviving Spouse A Monthly Income Deficit.

See how a Surviving Spouse can AVOID the Income Cliff that so many Widows or Widowers experience at the loss of a Spouse.