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ID LTC Specialist since 2008

MARK ROGERS has helped hundreds of families in Idaho plan for Long-Term Care since 2008.

If you are a Business Executive or Business Owner, TODAY is the day to look into how to exempt from paying the taxes! Mark’s calendar is full helping many business owners/executives as they look for solutions.
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What PRIVATE Alternative Long-Term Care Policies Are There?

LTC built on Life Insurance chassis
These insurance contracts have provided stability and guarantees with no surprises in the future. They guarantee that your money will be returned, should no health-care crisis comes about, and exempts from income taxes.
LTC built inside an Annuity chassis
These insurance contracts are proving to be popular of late due to the ability to underwrite for health situations that other contracts are not available. Plus, any growth is returned in later years while exempting from the WA State LTC Trust Fund income tax for years.
Mark’s Musings on the Summer 2021 WA State LTC Campaign
The DEADLINE to purchase private LTC is September 30, 2021.