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Less Healthy LTC Review

Do you have health issues you are concerned about in your working years?

When seeking long-term care insurance, life insurance and disability insurance contracts, Individual Plans are based on health-qualification standards that are underwritten.
The new Washington State LTC Trust Fund may just be for you!

BUT— maybe you do not see value in the state-funded LTC Trust Fund, and wish to have certainty and control while exempting the income taxes?

If you are between the ages of 60 to 70, actively employed with health issues, and concerned about paying for long-term care expenses later in retirement, you have the ability to converse with Mark Rogers (CLTC) to determine if there might be a tax-qualified insurance plan that might accept your health conditions.

By filling out a secure health questionnaire that is sent directly to Mark Rogers, he can review what your options would be with you in a phone call consultation.

Explore how to be CERTAIN and in CONTROL of your health-care expenses! A short review can determine a lot when speaking to Mark Rogers, CLTC.

You are welcome to fill out the MEDICAL questions on this form, and we can see if we have a unique option to accommodate the health situation to exempt from the Tax, and provide health care when we need it most!