Long-Term Care Expenses: Why should you care?

Our medical technology has allowed many of us to live longer than our great-grandparents. Our exercise, eating right, prescriptions and other natural daily  options has given us options to live into our 80’ sand 90’s.

So why should you care about Long-Term Care expenses?

These “Custodial Care Expenses” will be paid from your SAVINGS—not any kind of health insurance or Medicare plans. That puts a RISK on your Retirement Saving that wasn’t meant to be!

Long Term Care planning may be different based on which STAGE of LIFE you are in. Please see the below STAGES for a brief summary with highlights.

LTC for Executives & Business Owners

The facts are staggering for the risks of health-care expenses in the form of CUSTODIAL CARE.

Health Insurance won’t cover CUSTODIAL Care.

That means that these Custodial Care expenses will be paid from our 401k/IRA or other investments?

The IRS can help your Health-Care Expense planning! As a Business Owner or Executive, you may be entitled to unique tax-reductions for Long-Term Care Policies.

And these LTC Contract Plans can be offered exclusively to you- and not to your Employees!

Take 5 minutes to learn how to PROTECT your 401k/IRA Retirement Savings from these large health-care expenses that most of us face, and see how the tax-write-offs available to your business!

In addition, you can also see a menu of options that can be very tax beneficial that is available to Business Owners and Executives.

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Why not seek to PROTECT your 401k/IRA Retirement Savings Accounts from draining in a health-care crisis, when your Business may be able to give you this LTC Insurance contract as a tax-write off?

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LTC Planning For Age 50-59

Why do PROFESSIONALS in their 50’s plan for long-term care expenses?

Those that have experienced a Parent, a Grandparent or a Friend or Neighbor go through this long health-care ordeal, knows that planning should be paramount.

Why plan?

Because in your 50’s—you probably have the most options to review! Options that are affordable and give you tremendous value and leverage and supports your family in many other ways.

Mark Rogers, Certified Long-Term Care Specialist, works with professionals at the top of their careers to review the PRO’s and CON’s of planning for these health-care expenses.

Take 20 minutes on a Zoom or phone call to determine if you have the options to plan- and if so-what might be best for you for the next 35 years to protect your Retirement Savings?

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LTC Planning for Age 60-69

Are you about ready to enter the Retirement Years?

Or are you NEW to Retirement?

By now you probably understand how Medicare will be/is new for you to pay for Skilled Care expenses (hospital, doctor, medical tests, treatments, etc.)?

Are you aware that YOU are financially responsible for any Custodial Care expenses that arise?  Care assistance in your home or assistance in a facility?

These Long-Term Care Expenses may drain from your Retirement Accounts!

Learn that there are MULTIPLE strategies you may be able to consider—based on your health---where you can find PROTECTION of your 401k/403b/IRA accounts from draining.

Affordable. Easy to understand. Secure for years to come.

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LTC Planning for Age 70-85

You have now LAUNCED into retirement! But have you taken care of EXPENSES that Medicare DOES NOT COVER—Custodial Care Expenses?

These Long-Term Care Expenses have a potential of draining down Retirement Savings Accounts—401k’s, 403b’s, and IRA’s--- leaving less for the other Spouse to live on for their years to come.

Do you know there might be more options that are COST-EFFECTIVE to consider so you can sleep at night knowing you could have a plan?

Have you considered the DROP IN INCOME when a Long-Term Care event takes place for a family?

Now is the time to learn how to build a simple, controlled solution for future health-care expenses?

There are options to review to mitigate those asset losses. Schedule a 20 minute, no obligation phone call to determine if there might be an effective option to plan. Mark Rogers, Certified Long Term Care Specialist, understands multiple options that Retirees in their 70’s or early 80’s might have available to create security and peace of mind for years to come.

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You may be amazed at different options available as you face health-care decisions in the future!

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