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LTC Policy Review

Have you signed up for a private long-term-care policy and wonder if what you have is what you expect? Oftentimes a popular LTC contract is “pulled off the shelf” as the advisor many do not know of anything else. Some are pulling in insurance contracts that will not meet the requirements of Washington State for the Income Tax exemption.

Or maybe your parent has had an LTC policy for 20 years and you would like to get it reviewed by a Certified LTC Specialist to see how it works?

A short Policy Review can reveal what you have—and what you might be missing.

For our conversation, you must have the Declarations Page (the first page of the policy) that has the details. Or you can order one directly from the Insurance Company if you lost yours. That information will be critical in doing a very brief analysis of the contract.

Once you have this information, you can email/fax/text to Mark and set up a 30-minute conversation here.