Medicare—One, Important DECISION at AGE 65

Medicare is one of those things that is BRAND-NEW to you—welcome to Retirement!   

And while it’s NEW—you have to now LEARN in order to make decisions for your health-care for the next 35 years!

Within Medicare you are faced with questions like: 

  1. When is the time to ENROLL in Medicare?
  2. Which Plan allows for me to have the largest medical network for choices?
  3. How can I avoid or reduce my IRMAA (Income-Related Medicare Amount)?
  4. How can I reduce likelihood of INCREASING PREMIUMS paid to an Insurance Company when my budget is tighter in my 70’s?

Mark Rogers has served 100’s of New Retiree’s with their Medicare options since 2009.  He has seen changes in Medicare, rising costs of health-care, and the issues that New Retiree’s face in having to learn a new health-care system.

Many never fully understand the SIMPLE BASICS of how Medicare works.

And because THE BASICS aren’t understood, the fine print isn’t read to understand where pitfalls are when it comes to the Medicare “gaps”, the potential for Medicare plan “gaps”, the “gaps” in medical networks, and over-paying for Insurance Premiums for year to come.

Mark Rogers offers on his calendar a no-obligation Zoom or Office Appointment call where he reviews in 20 minutes the HIGHLIGHTS of Medicare and gives a “checklist” to consider what is important for you for the years ahead with your health-care expenses.

His calendar is here to schedule your free 20 minute “Medicare 101” meeting:

Many New Retirees are thankful for Mark showing them how to ‘beat the system’ with the most extensive Medicare Network available for services, while saving premiums for years to come.  

Learn to have strong health-care options.

Learn to avoid draining your Income to over-paying Premiums 10 years from now.

Smart & Simple.