Your Social Security Income
“Its worth more than you think for the next 35 years!”

Plan carefully. Don’t let your income drain away….


INCOME is EVERYTHING in retirement. It pays for the groceries. It pays for your housing. It pays your property taxes. And it pays for your vacations!

This income source called Social Security is BRAND NEW to you!

And this income source is regulated by Congress. So learning about some of the possibilities is critical for your own retirement planning.
You don’t have to be an expert on Social Security Program—but you should ask these questions to better understand how your INCOME might be worth $1,000,000 for the next 35 years!!!

Checklist of Questions we can review:

  1. What Role does Social Security play in your Retirement Income? Will it be 30% of your guaranteed income? 60% of your guaranteed income?
  2. How much of your monthly income do you want GUARANTEED each month to cover your monthly expenses? How much now in your mid-60’s? How much guaranteed income do you want in your late 70’s? Or even 80’s?
  3. How much of your Social Security Income do you expect to be TAXED as income? (Do you know that some retirees have ZERO percentage of their Social Security income taxes? And some only have 50% of their SS income taxed?)
  4. How does a Spouses’ Social Security Income get maximized upon the death of one Spouse? How much of a “Widow Penalty” may set in when first Spouse passes? What is the best way to “Coordinate” TWO Spouses’ benefits?
  5. What is your Guaranteed Income Plan in your mid-70’s should the Social Security Program reduce benefits by –something like—30%? Can this possibility be planned now?
  6. How can you take Social Security income today to benefit your Spouse and Kids in the future when money may be TAXED at a higher rate then?
  7. How can you get a PERSONALIZED Social Security report that gives you options to consider with your other Income Sources to build more Savings to help your Retirement Plan for years to come?

So many questions that may pertain to your situation– or not?
How can you find answers to these and many more questions?

Mark Rogers has been a Financial Educator on retirement topics for almost 20 years, focusing tax-free solutions in a rising National Debt with coming increasing Income Taxes. Mark gives back to his Clients and Friends by offering complimentary tools and advice to help make their LIVES better for the future.
With this important Social Security Income, Mark offers CALCULATOR REPORTS in the following scenarios, emailed directly to you! The money difference between different situations should be understood early on!

  1. Married Couples–scenarios entail impact of income when first Spouse passes
  2. Divorced individuals–unique set of rules must be understood to devise these scenarios
  3. Widow/Widower Individuals–determine how to coordinate the benefits.
  4. Reinvest Breakeven calculation–if Social Security benefits are not needed for monthly living, how can those benefits
  5. Retirement Spending Breakeven calculation–how much of the spending need will be met with Social Security income?

Each calculator is running through thousands of scenarios in mere seconds. These calculations
Each of these reports can be pulled and shared in a short few steps:

  1. Log into Social Security and make sure you have an Personal Account there
  2. Pull your (and your Spouse) Primary Insurance Amount—monthly amount at Full Retirement Age
  3. What you think life expectancy might be—your choice!
  4. What we think the Cost of Living growth might be

Then see the top 1-3 scenarios come back in PDF form to see actual numbers