What options does the government have to make sure that you have your Social Security income through your retirement years?

There are 3 benefits with Social Security that you should carefully consider. Consider well how they impact your income.

SS should only be about 1/3 of your monthly income in retirement. And do you have other retirement savings? These other sources of income should be considered when looking at your Social Security income: how to take each in a coordinated fashion, taxation of each income, and other factors.

Social Security Benefits

Social Security is YOUR benefit for income from the government after all these years of paying in. This benefit may prove to be the most valuable asset paying you income should you live to your 90’s. Many are surprised to see that if both husband and wife live until their late 80’s or early 90’s, their income benefit from Social Security may be between $1.5- 2 Million of income over those years!

So plan your income stream carefully. For a couple entering their early 60’s, there are about 80 different combinations of how to claim income. But we sort those out and show you several options based on what your desires are.

We have included several videos here for your education viewing.

But we are also offering a free, no obligation Social Security timing report that is personalized for you. The only thing you have to have is what your “FRA” Full Retirement Age is and the monthly amount your statement says at your FRA. You will find that data point on page 2 of your report. With those number for you and your spouse, we are able to get your report over to you so you can be surprised- yes surprised- on how different options can change your income, thus possibly changing your lifestyle for the NEXT 35 YEARS.

Social Security OFFER

If you are a 60-year-old couple right now, you can have up to 80 different combinations on how to claim Social Security.


The Social Security Administration does not have the ability run these scenario options in one report.


All you need is your DOB and your Full Retirement Age Monthly Amount (found on your SS report) and you can have your Social Security Timing report to review – at no cost or obligation to you!

This income benefit stream is powerful—Choose wisely with the correct information for your situation!

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